Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clever packaging

Clever packaging inspires, excites and in some cases can even sell the emotion and all through the visual communication of packaging designs and graphics.

Nike produced a limited number of shoe boxes that was to inspire a generation of up and coming soccer wannabe's to take hold of their dreams and aim to become professional. Very cleverly the design group took the direction of the brief and came up with concept of opening the shoe box so the consumer could visually feel the atmosphere of the stadium, accompanied with the added inspiration of hearing the crowd roar when the shoe box was opened.

A graduating student, Jose Luis Garcia Eguiguren of Spain designed this cocktail concoction of vodka & fruit blend which contains emotions such as happiness, love, sadness, fear and anger as a concept of selling emotion through a product. The drink bottle has two spiralling straws that allow you to visualise the mixture combining as you sip. The front of the product gives you this visual pleasure whilst the back of the packaging depicts the types of experiences you would likely experience consuming this drink. The consumer is reassured that the bottle won't break or spill as the emotions pass through their body when they are dancing, jumping or simple just going wild. Now I'm not quite convinced i'd like to purchase a alcoholic beverage to tap in on an emotion such as fear or anger. I think we see a lot of that without the need of selling it through a product.

Recycling is a huge part of society. How many times have you reused shopping bags over and over again? Well these creative images printed on shopping bags is a fantastic way for your consumers

to advertise your product in which your brand could potentially reach locations all over the world, and best of all is free advertising - now that is clever thinking. Though in saying this the example of the lady wearing the underwear might distract potential consumers from remembering the actual brand of underwear it promotes, and ultimately could defeat the purpose of free promotion.

Japanese design house D-Bros designed these cute sticky fruit note pads that look so delicious I'd hardly want to use them. Perhaps the idea of keeping products as collectables still achieves the same outcome - clever packaging in which the product stands out amongst the rest on the shelf and ultimately generates sales.





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  1. Some really intriguing and innovative examples here, an excellent post.