Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Mobile Phone Art

This is an image of the Nokia 1100, first released in 2003. Mobiles like these were very popular and often called "bricks" as a slang term.

Now, the latest fashion is Mobile Phone Art. This is the idea of making mobile phones themselves into pieces of functional art. Recently, iida held a press conference in Tokyo where they presented two new mobile art concepts from lohei nawa and makoto azuma.

iida attempts to make mobile phones into "works of art" that can be "worn" at all times. They say that they are taking the splendor and wonder of art and sharing it with many more people.

From working and collaborating with globally acclaimed artists, they came up with the "Botanica" phone and the "PixCell via Prismoid" phone.

makoto azuma

iida collaborated with flower artists Makoto Azuma to create the botanic mobile phone. The initial idea behind the creation of the phone, was "Plants may be the very thing we unconsciously but earnestly seek out in our hectic, ever-changing everyday lives. However, live plants are not the only way for you to experience greenery. What if the mobile phone could be made into a tool that enables you to feel and love plants?"

With an array of flowers, shrubs and trees, you can attach them to the phone and create your own garden on your phone.

For more information about the Botanica phone, visit http://iida.jp/english/products/art-editions/botanica/

PixCell via Prismoid
Kohei Nawa

"Nawa’s art product visualizes the infinite variety of information that blankets our world and surrounds your PRISMOID mobile phone. PRISMOID captures and processes this information and the cells attached to the surface of the phone offer a visible rendition of this phenomenon. The information concealed within the cells emit a unique light and resonance, thereby giving shape to the beauty of this strange sensation."

Light Pool

Hironao Tsuboi

The Light Pool is a new consept of blending light and music together with a phone. The Light pool has 22 LED's arranged along the surfaces of the phone in a composition of a truss-like structures with triangles.

There are ten different light and sound compositions installed on the phone which have been created by visual artist and Masakatsu Takagi (musician).

Users can also create their own sequences with 60 different light patterns to chose from, which they can also set as caller ID's.


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