Friday, October 15, 2010

Paper Versus Screen

With technology booming in recent times I decided for my report I will be conducting a survey on the evolving Newspaper and Magazines layouts and how the Industry is now having to compete with the Internet and screen. And what the Impact these advances in technology are having on designers and the design industry.

Im going to discuss if newspapers are slowly being fazed out and undertake a number of questionnares to establish which way the public think and want the industry's direction to go in.
So in the report I will show examples of the humble beginnings on newspapers, and how they have evolved till now, and that I will also do the same kind of time line with magazines.
Then with both timelines I will be able to compare and discuss them, and also be able to distinguish the trends. Im also possibly going to look at online news, Iphones and Ipads, trends of newspapers, magazines (layouts and articles), trends of online newsrooms and newspages and also markets.

Then I will be able to distinguish which way we are heading on the subject, and wether it is going to happen sooner or rather later onto how internet may (or may not ) be taking over the printing industry. I think the end part of my report I will be able to show how the design trends are affecting the overall industry and the way it operates. And then be able to distinguish wether it is technology changing the industry or is it the consumers need for accessibilty, change or modernisation. Then discuss and identify the new materials and technologies that are helping to change the newspaper and magazing industry.
Anyway I hope this is an interesting enough report. I am enjoying researching it and would love to hear some feeback from you guys and any tips :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Post 4 : Penny : Packaging and Perception

As a follow on from my first blog, I have decided to explore the realm of packaging a little further.
After trawling through copious journals and scientific studies on the affects of packaging; I have decided to put them aside for my blog and talk about me instead.
After a life of 'knowing' that advertising and packaging has no affect on me, I have realised that I am not as immune as I would like.

I do not, as a rule drink cola, but if I have to drink bourbon (as unfortunate as that seems, it occasionally happens) then I will automatically choose 'Coke'.

If I want a quick snack at the petrol station it will always be a 'Mars' bar. I assume that 'David Jones' sells better products than 'Kmart'. I will never touch a product with kids cartoon characters on it, I assume that it will be full of sugar.

I know that these things are all ridiculous in many ways. It has been proven over and over that given the same product in different containers, most people will taste a difference. It is basic knowledge, yet how often do we all make choices, even minimally, because of packaging and advertising?

I hope to find out the ways in which packaging affects us, how manufacturers manipulate us in small ways and why our brains trick us into thinking things taste the same or totally different depending on what they are dressed in.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A look into the world of Illustration...

I really love illustration... I think most of us would agree that there are a lot of very beautiful and inspiring illustrations in the world. Even with developments in technology over the past few decades illustration continues to hold its own in a world of slick and polished graphics. From books, to posters, to websites, to cards, to magazines, packaging even t-shirt designs, Illustration is still found everywhere.

For my report i will be looking at:

• What is illustration?
• The History of illustration.
• Current trends in Illustration.

• The internet how has it changed the face of illustration?

• Job opportunities and how to find work.

• Agencies or Freelance the Pro's and cons.

• Publishing - different companies and also self publishing in the age of digital printing/ Vanity publishing

• Case study - Illustrator Shawn Tan

• Cards - The Ink Group

Avant cards

• Mia - My house mate is interested in becoming a illustrator… we are going to try produce a little book so i can look at the process involved.

Magazines (3rd blog) Claire


Wooden Toy


Modern Design Magazine

Radical Magazine:

"Magazines, periodicals, glossies or serials are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles, generally financed by advertising, by a purchase price, by pre-paid magazine subscriptions, or all three. Magazines can be distributed through the mail; through sales by newsstands, bookstores or other vendors; or through free distribution at selected pick up locations." Wikipedia

Official U.S. Playstation Magazine:

"This luxury magazine is produced twice a year. As a complimentary publication it is distributed in all rooms and suites at Twinpalms Phuket Resort & Spa and at selected places in Phuket. In addition to providing reading pleasure it is a great branding tool for the resort:"

Branding to promote charities

To a lot of people branding simply means creating a logo or tagline. Branding is so much more than even the product itself. Charities around the world are moving away from the days of surviving with door knocks and tin cans to raise money for their cause. Today we see merchandising and branding for so many different charities, most of of which we have become familiar with on a daily basis and now view these charities as professional and credible organisations.

For my assignment i'm going to touch on several possible research issues:

* What is branding and why is it so effective in today's market.

* Discuss different charities that use branding to connect with their audiences emotions and how effective use of merchandise can promote awareness for their cause.

* History of branding within the charity sector

* Large corporations that support charities by endorsing their cause for promotion of their own products with financial gain.

These are just a few ideas I'd like to research further and could possibly discover more issues and reasons why branding is now a huge part of everyday charities.
Graffiti culture is a topic on which our society has long been divided. Graffiti is either seen as a new form of urban expression, an art form in its own right or mindless vandalism, labelled as popular amongst delinquents, a product of the unsuccessful lower classes...

Graffiti was used primarily by political activists to make statements and street gangs to mark territory. It wasn't till the late 1960's that ''writing's'' current identity started to form.The history of the ''underground'' art movement known by many names, most commonly termed graffiti began in Philadelphia.The writers who are credited with the first conscious bombing effort are CORNBREAD and COOL EARL.They wrote their names all over the city gaining attention from the community and local press.

''KAWS'' a painter,designer and graffiti writer,after years of him trying to steer away from art galleries his now one of the biggest names in the art scene in new york

"I just started simply through graffiti and drawing on my skateboard and painting on walls and getting that small recognition,"
Kaws has done work for Musician like Kanye West,Madonna
and brands like Nike and vans

Sprite employed street artist ''Temper'' to design limited edition graffiti cans and bottles for celebrating 'the nation's love affair with all things urban'. This seems to be one way in which graffiti culture is moving forward. Many modern crews, keen to develop the art form, are open to the possibilities of pro-active strategies,and designer advertisements and doing labels and branding.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Post 4: Photography - ROXY

Here is an outline of my ideas that I am thinking about covering in my final report on Photography. I am thinking of writing about different trends in photography, ranging from different cameras and the times of photos they take (slides, digital, polaroid, etc.) to different trends in photography. I would then proceed to talk more about Facebook and it's influences in photography: how it has made images more readily available to the public, how it has changed the way some people think about taking photos ("Oooo lets take a good picture and put it as our profile picture!") and the way it has changed the way photos are taken (when photos only have two heads in them because that's as far away as one of the people can get their arms away with the camera.) OR possibly talking about digital art.

I would LOVE some feed back from people to see what they think i should talk more about or things that wont be so interesting, as I would like to cover all of these topics but obviously can't...


What is photography

How long has it been around


The first camera

How photos were processed

Different types of cameras

- The slides - photocrome fijicrome

- Polaroid

- SLR cameras

- Digital cameras

- can now take a million photos and experiment more

- Future cameras…?


- Making them look like old photos from polaroid cameras

- The close up shot of two people seen on Facebook (because that's how far you can get it away from you with your arm)

- Photoshop

- Panographies

- What trends are overused

- Lomo photography

- Fish eye lenses


- Photography trends in magazines


- Madonna / Adobe

- Dove campaign


- People's photography more available to the public

- Good way to display photos for photographers



- Cheap photos

- Incident with virgin mobiles

- Is it cheapening photography?


- Alexia Sinclair






Fine Art Photography

Red Shirt School of Photogrpahy

IBCA 2005 exhibition of Contemporary Art








Polaroid Cameras;jsessionid=MGTPbN7hLfyJ1h2mhWyhJC4JTqZ6r8tBdzP62VnFqvL87rbmjGQZ!-931948083!1132348382?docId=96409528