Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Post 4 : Penny : Packaging and Perception

As a follow on from my first blog, I have decided to explore the realm of packaging a little further.
After trawling through copious journals and scientific studies on the affects of packaging; I have decided to put them aside for my blog and talk about me instead.
After a life of 'knowing' that advertising and packaging has no affect on me, I have realised that I am not as immune as I would like.

I do not, as a rule drink cola, but if I have to drink bourbon (as unfortunate as that seems, it occasionally happens) then I will automatically choose 'Coke'.

If I want a quick snack at the petrol station it will always be a 'Mars' bar. I assume that 'David Jones' sells better products than 'Kmart'. I will never touch a product with kids cartoon characters on it, I assume that it will be full of sugar.

I know that these things are all ridiculous in many ways. It has been proven over and over that given the same product in different containers, most people will taste a difference. It is basic knowledge, yet how often do we all make choices, even minimally, because of packaging and advertising?

I hope to find out the ways in which packaging affects us, how manufacturers manipulate us in small ways and why our brains trick us into thinking things taste the same or totally different depending on what they are dressed in.

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