Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Graffiti culture is a topic on which our society has long been divided. Graffiti is either seen as a new form of urban expression, an art form in its own right or mindless vandalism, labelled as popular amongst delinquents, a product of the unsuccessful lower classes...

Graffiti was used primarily by political activists to make statements and street gangs to mark territory. It wasn't till the late 1960's that ''writing's'' current identity started to form.The history of the ''underground'' art movement known by many names, most commonly termed graffiti began in Philadelphia.The writers who are credited with the first conscious bombing effort are CORNBREAD and COOL EARL.They wrote their names all over the city gaining attention from the community and local press.

''KAWS'' a painter,designer and graffiti writer,after years of him trying to steer away from art galleries his now one of the biggest names in the art scene in new york

"I just started simply through graffiti and drawing on my skateboard and painting on walls and getting that small recognition,"
Kaws has done work for Musician like Kanye West,Madonna
and brands like Nike and vans

Sprite employed street artist ''Temper'' to design limited edition graffiti cans and bottles for celebrating 'the nation's love affair with all things urban'. This seems to be one way in which graffiti culture is moving forward. Many modern crews, keen to develop the art form, are open to the possibilities of pro-active strategies,and designer advertisements and doing labels and branding.


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