Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A look into the world of Illustration...

I really love illustration... I think most of us would agree that there are a lot of very beautiful and inspiring illustrations in the world. Even with developments in technology over the past few decades illustration continues to hold its own in a world of slick and polished graphics. From books, to posters, to websites, to cards, to magazines, packaging even t-shirt designs, Illustration is still found everywhere.

For my report i will be looking at:

• What is illustration?
• The History of illustration.
• Current trends in Illustration.

• The internet how has it changed the face of illustration?

• Job opportunities and how to find work.

• Agencies or Freelance the Pro's and cons.

• Publishing - different companies and also self publishing in the age of digital printing/ Vanity publishing

• Case study - Illustrator Shawn Tan

• Cards - The Ink Group

Avant cards

• Mia - My house mate is interested in becoming a illustrator… we are going to try produce a little book so i can look at the process involved.

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