Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Branding to promote charities

To a lot of people branding simply means creating a logo or tagline. Branding is so much more than even the product itself. Charities around the world are moving away from the days of surviving with door knocks and tin cans to raise money for their cause. Today we see merchandising and branding for so many different charities, most of of which we have become familiar with on a daily basis and now view these charities as professional and credible organisations.

For my assignment i'm going to touch on several possible research issues:

* What is branding and why is it so effective in today's market.

* Discuss different charities that use branding to connect with their audiences emotions and how effective use of merchandise can promote awareness for their cause.

* History of branding within the charity sector

* Large corporations that support charities by endorsing their cause for promotion of their own products with financial gain.

These are just a few ideas I'd like to research further and could possibly discover more issues and reasons why branding is now a huge part of everyday charities.

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  1. That all sounds good Pam. Start by collecting any material that covers these areas and we'll go through where you are heading with it all.
    Thanks for letting me know you couldn't make it today. Clea.