Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Illustrator , what is an illustration ? more to the point what is an illustrator , well without looking into any research . I think an illustration is a hand rendered drawing with either a pen, pencil , colour pencil , ink, or as I said, a hand drawn picture,
Considering this is a blog for a class in design. I am not only personally interested in the area, or the facts about what an illustrator is and does within producing an illustration, but the effects and ripple effect it can cause within a design industry .
Me personally am a very enthusiastic drawer. With little knowledge of the field other than finding it as an awesome way to pass my time. Without sitting in front of a television screen .Yelling and screaming at some sort of villain playing a super Nintendo /Sony PlayStation ,

but let me tell you. Coming up with these types of heroes and villains just might of been conjured from a nerdy person sitting in his room creating wonderful worlds . oh a benefit .Being a nerd , (great classification)Apart from those in front of the television screen .
I have many a little place in which my mind, mystical , elusive fresh and unlike others ,waiting for the time to become more important than just a passing thought .
The field of illustration has unfolded quite definitely whilst being involved within this design course on levels and place in which I had never imagined ,

In magazines of the highest fashion nature , within elements of the most profound commercial advertising elements ,creating fashion roughs . Who would of thought ,This personal talent , taken to certain elements to attain a lifestyle and achievements as well as a designer ripple effect on peoples life weather or however they have capture an emotion or evan a world .

kapow , smash , boom , Holitalidoes batman . Do you know what I am talking about , Batman and robin a television series beginning in 1969 taken straight out of the comic novels of the 1940's. A super hero fighting crime in the heart of Gotham city N.Y . A SUPER HERO , what a super hero , a person with inhuman talents fighting crime ,

a visual resource is this entertainment , learning or just another way to fill space , well in today's knowledge a super hero is a house hold name , Fighting crime abundance amounts of worlds and supervillian's , Mutants , another way to graphically show the youth of being happy with there own abilities /mutations which aparts them from others , The comic book has broadened in illustration as well as messages through to novels , the types of graphic novel images and direction of the sourcing characters/adventure of a outgoing group.

This is the westerns travel through the graphic illustration way of communication into future , as well as it being a very important way of education in eastern countries, the graphic image was a stronghold on teaching a massively respected history , China , Japan and other countries right back in the day would use illustrative images to show of evan the basic of things to do . like boiling water or creating a dish .Today evan characteristics of these images still apply. This throughout the years along with the western society has gone into a whole new world . It is not looking like it is slowing down either .

The comic book /strip/novel is an undying art form , I think is one of the most creative, defined and respected of old school techniques there are within the illustration area , OR is it .Well I am very willing to find out and intrigued of the findings in what i can find about where the graphic element of telling a story is going and, what is yet to be thrown upon us .

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