Tuesday, September 14, 2010

digital textile design

The digital world of design, has a close neighbour, digital printing, and when those two get together with textiles, a whole new world opens up.

Whatever work you can produce on your computer, can now go straight to the printing machine and reproduce those graphic images onto textiles.

The graphics can be sourced from photographs, and by directly scanning objects. Vector images can be created on computer software, and combined with other images, for an exciting outcome.

Scanned and manipulated feathers.

Fun Japanese designs from Okidoki, used on a variety of objects.

Marimekko, the Finnish textile company, get their brightly graphic images onto a modern day bean bag;

also, from a collaboration from Marimekko and Nissan, comes the Nissan Micra, painted with Marimekko Unikko pattern; design goes mobile!

Interesting possibilities arise with the use of electronics, such as this LED dress, and t-shirt.

Electroluminesence wire and electroluminesence foil can be used in cushions, bags and clothing. So many possibilities!


  1. Interesting stuff, particularly like the LED and electroluminesence examples.
    I look forward to seeing what else you unearth.