Tuesday, September 14, 2010

major report: [ infographics! ]

Throughout the research undertaken for the first blog this semester, I stumbled across a multitude of incredibly cool infographics. They amazed me, and suddenly I found myself becoming interested in subjects I could previously never understand, simply because the information was presented in a way that was entertaining and aesthetically stimulating.

Thus, my interest in infographics evolved. And now, I can't get enough! So it makes sense that I should choose this topic for my major report…

The report will firstly contain some general information on infographics including definitions, their purpose, a brief history, and some examples of the different ways infographics can be used (some serious, some purely fun). At this point, I will provide some comparisons between raw data and effective illustrative infographics – including the data collected from the class surveys I conducted – so as to demonstrate the efficacy of this genre of graphic design.

[one of the earliest 'infographics' from caveman days]

[ airport infographics ]

One area that will be particularly highlighted is animated infographics, specifically relating to important information abou t current issues in our society. 2 designers will feature: Patrick Clair (of Hungry Beast fame) and Jonathan Jarvis, an American Interaction and Media designer (most well known for his Crisis of Credit video). Their work will be reviewed and their personal philosophies in relation t o infographics will be discussed.

Infographic_ Google :: trying not to be evil

[an exploration of Google's many facets]
follow this link if it doesn't load automatically: http://vimeo.com/12126041

In conclusion, I will be looking at some possibilities for infographics in the future.

Stay tuned…!

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