Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chocolate Package Designs Claire

Chocolate Package Designs
Belgium Chocolates; every chocolate has its own package design to stand out from the competition. Some of these chocolate companies apply classic packages with eye-catching ornaments and gorgeous typography. Others use a contemporary approach with brave colours and unusual shapes.

Askinosie Chocolate has remade old school package design. Using aged paper,

traditional typewriter font and worn-off stamps:

Original Beans main goal for packaging was “to reflect the company’s focus on quality, their international sources and a strong sense of sustainability. The international flavour of the chocolate is represented in an impressed world map, the focus on sustainability is shown in the slogan at the bottom, and the quality of the product is displayed with the rich floral design elements.”:

TCHO is actually a fusion of the words Technology and CHOcolate. Their packaging is a combination of typography, colours and patterns:

Cocoa is a San Francisco based boutique chocolate company. The packaging for their ‘absolute’ chocolate collection is made to look clean, using only the essentials: no graphics “that distract the buyer from the product.”:


Eco-friendly chocolate packaging

Marks & Spencer has introduced new environmentally friendly packaging from Plantic Technologies for its range of Swiss chocolates.

In store now, the new chocolate box contains an assortment

of fine luxury milk, dark and white Swiss chocolates.

http://www.packagingmag.com.au/news/eco-friendly-chocolate-p ackaging

Kraft seeks heat-proof

chocolate wrappers

Kraft is seeking high-tech chocolate bar packaging that will prevent bars from melting.

chocolate swirl - Cadbury

The owner of the Cadbury’s chocolate brand said it is seeking “novel materials or approaches to packaging

that can protect single serve chocolate bars from medium term exposure to warm ambient conditions”.


Fair Trade Product. The Package design was made by Williams Murray Hamm and the Typography was done by Alison Carmichael.


best i company i have found by far

(I'm hungry)

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  1. Great examples, must say many of them look to good to eat... such beautiful packaging I would hate to open them and mess them up.