Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3D graphic ,buildings and Google earth

Looking into the architechtual design and illustration/renderings of houses, buildings and the marketing of these such product. There is another element here that has created an industry of its own with a purpose ,with inedible conclusions . 3d, Walk through , outlooks, mapping , graphing , In general a realistic overview encompassing the the human with there own visuals feeling 3d dimensional feel . Making it all the more real .

With this comes programs and opportunities , Google has taken an opportunity here by supplying free access to programs which can develop these three dimensional creations . As well as this they have invited the willing to produce certain buildings, cities landscapes creating a totally dimensional view of the world where ever you would think of visiting for any purpose , a impersonal view in 3d context is available.
With Google Earth Enterprise Solutions, insurance issuers and brokers can overlay information from existing current RIMS systems directly onto the Google Earth base map- providing one-click views of risk patterns in a geographic area, down to the building level. The policy database also integrates with ease, producing a comprehensive view of exposure in any view, from an entire county to a city block.
Whatever town u would like to show the world , as well s showing long term improvements . The use of 2 dimensional map is afar from projecting the message onto others , Creating a 3d world in which we live in and adapt as people . We live in a 3d world so creating such effect and usage for a person is much more powerful as well as purposeful.
There are many other usages for 3d as well withing this field.
The ultimate in this 3d scenario with the three dimensional effects that once they are produce weather it be a house not yet built , or a proposed street creation/theme, walking through as if u were actually there is possible,
The accessibility to these programs weather it be a user of the outcomes of people creating these three dimensional or the programmer themselves it is a step into the future , a easy simplified solution creating jobs for a interconnecting world moving forward , got to love it .
Google Sketch up pro is the program giving the eager a real hands on experience into this dimensional world, its idiot proof system to letting users get there way through a design, with simple push and pull buttons . EG; making a cube ,Draw a square , because the sketch up pro, is a 3 dimensional program , an x,y and z Axis is provided, picking up the pull tool out of the tool box familiar to most computer goers , the square is pulled along the axis into a cube , to go further wanting a window in this cube draw another square on this cube and push it into the square. these are the basis of hrs spent creating master pieces.

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