Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Japanese Anime

Tatsuo Yoshido

Tatsuo Yoshida was a japanese anime pioneer who founded anime studio Tatsunoko Productions and is the original creator of Speed racer, Battle of the Planets(1972), and many others.

As kids we all enjoyed our cartoons either on week days before school or on weekends and we all had our favourites, my favourites during the 8o's where Battle of the Planets, Speed racer, the smurfs an most of the Disney series. But the most favourite was the japanese anime of Battle of the Planets which was created by Tatsuo Yoshido who founded anime studio's Tatsunoko Productions. Battle of the Planets was known in japan as kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman and underwent some changes before it popped up on American tv each week.

This cartoon is a 5 member superhero team which was also known as G-force, who were the guardians of space. Gatchaman was the first show that introduced the concept of a five person team distinguished by different colored costumes, which would become a dominate feature in the new series which followed, Sentai Tokusatsu(known as power rangers)

Gatchaman(battle of the planets) has an upcoming CGI movie based on the orignal anime series of the same name which is scheduled to be completed in 2010 by Image Animation studios.
The movie hasn't been given a release date as yet but hopefully some time in 2011 us fans will hope to see this movie on the big screen.

Above is the new poster for the Battle of the Planets movie.
Incomparsion to the old cartoon series from 1972 which were hand draw on cells, to the new revamped movie animation which these days are created with programs such as cad or photoshop/flash, its just goes to show how far technology has come and how much better it can look.

Speed racer which was another real hit for me, was released in 2008 by Wachowski Brothers who wanted to pay homage to Yoshida's work. The remake of the cartoon series of speed racer as a movie "I think"was a hit.


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