Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Andrew jones the digital designer

Andrew Jones as a digital designer,trained as a traditional artist . Mixing with mediums of markers , inks, paints, oil based paints. Until his interest of the new led him in into the digital world.Doing a major in computer arts.
Andrew took a liking toward the digital design and the programs available for eg , photoshop,z brush, and painter11 because of the lack of rules as well as the availability of tools within to be able to customize brushes, and the 900 brushes available. Painter also allows saving of character styles within the program which the artist can refer back to ,for example going from a landscape sunset into a nightclub scene .Then back to a sunset . these applications for the sunset if saved are still readily available for use . Giving Andrew the artist a flow through style in which he can be recognised ,Also the use of easily accessible pallets ,viable for contrasting colours,for creating characteristic emotions and feelings within the image created. Easily a trait within Andrews work which he draws upon with comfort . His outlook on his work is to create a first person feeling. Putting yourself within the picture toward an element of a being within an out of this world element , using shapes ,colour,and composition , using emotional as a attribute.

Andrew draws upon self created shapes of form(also known as the shape shifter )as well as other things to create compelling images.Through hundreds up to one hundred and fifty layers . The invention of the global networking Internet is a major push for his digital imaging .Know that he can share his world and creations with people the world over at the touch of a button
"I want it to be believably unbelievable.Real function is to entertain .I don't build these forms for a team of scientist to create . With this it allows the success of being able to be taken down this path ."
Through his Passion of his creative side .Along with some engineering help . Creating live drawings and shows on stage with a modified wacom Tablet slung around his shoulder .Guitar like leaning on his hip . Andrew puts a room full of dance goers either through a live painting show accompanied bu the music which is attuned to his touch pressure speed and noise or an organised show of shapes and lights . That has pushed him into his new elements of design.A passion travelling the world over, Collaborating the old (painting )with the new(digital painting) intertwined with the social club going enthusiast(Live working on stage) .


  1. A really interesting post about this very interesting character.

  2. I like his stuff ...very complex, reminds me of some of your stuff luke. cool post

  3. This is totally you Luke!....now how to get the digital skills?