Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post 2:PENNY:The Beauty of the Intro

After deciding to do my second post on brilliant TV title designs and why they have become so brilliant in recent years, I have discovered that although dated, many older TV titles are as equally impressive. However, new technology, bigger budgets, higher availability and improvements in technologies and a more discerning public has enabled directors more creative license when producing TV intro's. We have moved away from the standard character montage or background story into a more general, emotional setting for the coming show.

"The TV title sequence is a branding endeavor and a legitimate art form. It is the sole, consistent, and iconic moment that carries through a show’s lifespan and beyond. It’s what you remember most".

Design Kitchen is a Design Studio which specializes in titles and branding for TV. They pick only the most appealing jobs and win the most awards.

"These are little art films really, that find their own voice, all while arming audiences with each show’s unique psychology and worldview."

One of the most captivating works of the Design Kitchen studio is the opening titles for the TV series 'True Blood'. In addition to the titles they have created a film clip with Snoop Dogg and an internet apology ad which went viral. The success of this studio is based on work which stands on its own, yet encapsulates the story, characters and setting of the series for which it is created.

Winners of 'Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design'

In Living Color 1990
Star Trek : Voyager 1995
Now and Again 2000

Band of Brothers 2002
Interviews with illustrators and directors of titles for following series 'The Pacific'.

Carnivàle 2004
Weeds 2006
Dexter 2007
Hustle 2007
Mad Men 2008
United States of Tara 2009

...and some of my favourites
Six Feet Under
The Company
Pushing Daisies
Vlees en Bloed‬
The IT Crowd
Street Hawk
Buck Rogers

'forget the film watch the titles'
A really good resource for designers interested in film and title design.|






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