Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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The original parcel or envelope-style Cadbury Dairy Milk packaging was replaced by the foil and band style of packaging.


A vertical (portrait) label was developed in response to shopkeepers who were displaying products vertically to enable more chocolate to be displayed on their shelves.


There was a return to horizontal (landscape) packaging and the famous “glass and a half of full cream milk” symbol was incorporated into the design.


Flow-wrap packaging was introduced. The wrap is filed around the chocolate automatically, sealed on the back and then the ends are crimp-sealed together. This produces a packaging as close as possible to a fully sealed bar. This has improved efficiency and reduced the packaging materials used.


In 2010 Cadbury Schweppes came up with their new enviromentally friendly packaging.


Cadbury has been working with Plantic since 2002. Plantic came up with a new biodegradable material which they then worked with cadbury to design, an trial it for the use of new packaging.

Cadbury Schweppes uses an Eco - friendly plastic made from a biodegradable and non-toxic material which comes from corn starch so it will replace the conventional tray in Cadbury Dairy Milk Trays.

Plantic decomposes rapidly and dissolves instantly upon contact with water and is also used by Cadbury as a secondary packaging material for its Freddo chocky's.

The benefits of Plantic material on the environment is that its made from a sustainable non-toxic resource and not derived from petroleum, so it decomposes alot quicker in water and doesn't pollute local groundwater systems.

Cadbury is also the first company in the world to apply the Plantic material in this type of commercial application. For them to use this technology gives them the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging without compromising the quality of their product and their presentation.

Cadbury wants to ensure that there products continue to appeal to its customers while trying to do the right thing enviromentally

Cadbury is also working in conjunction with other Companys and University's such as the Centre for Design at RMIT University, Sustainable Packaging Alliance industry partners in undertaking an enviromental assessment of selected packaging systems. The group has developed a program called Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool, that will enable the companys to assess their packaging options for particular needs and to ensure the selection of the most environmentally sustainable packaging alternative. This research will assist Cadbury in its National Packaging Convenant commitments and will provide guidance in packaging material selection and the design of packaging systems.


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