Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KHUAN + KTRON is....
A fully equipped and fully staffed modern graphic studio dedicated to the manufacturing of brightly coloured & eccentric pictures of the floating world. The ranges of work consist of info & typo graphics, packaging designs, leaflets, brochures and books. Comissioned work is mostly focused on arts, culture, education and other non-profit causes in harmony with particular lifestyles.

KHUAN + KTRON is....

(NTD) Ningtiendo Sehgah (Japan, born 1976) was raised by his aunt in Belgium with all the trades of a modern Japanese upbringing: manga, computer games, fluorescent sweets and double school hours. At eighteen, he left for Antwerp to study the noble graphic arts, and started distilling his trademark stylings from his slightly frenzied education. After ten years on the job, he still feels like he's only just starting — so much more to learn and see and do.

(STBZ) Steebz a.k.a. ACPL (Belgium, born 1976) "Half of what I am is what I do — today. The rest of what I am is what I ate — yesterday. It passes through me; that's why they call it the past. No need to make a big deal of that."

(MXM) Mikail Mitmalka (Russia, born 1972) is newest member of KTRON team and likes to speak European in gruff monosyllables to show he comes from elsewhere. Big strong man with arms like trees, but small heart for inside. Mikail is great-great-grandson of Wladimir Mitmalka, famous in his home town for painting grand icons with gold; Mikail is self-schooled in drawing and painting with nostalgic feeling. Since short time Mikail lives and works in KHUAN monastery and he likes this very much, because there he may draw and paint and meditate long time and not talk much, since body language is more better than words. Chop woods for the stoves. Scare off monastery trespassers and wild animals. And the winters are more soft than in the Mother Land and the summers too. And the food is more better and more plentiful, with a lot of unknown vegetables from the monastery garden where he works too, under the sun and under the moon.

Random sources of inspiration include.....

Gomi Taro • Hieronymus Bosch • Chrono Trigger • Li Po • Silence • Open source software • The Book of Changes • Jim Dodge • Hasui • Sadako the witch • Disco Qi Gong • The Zhi-Xen hillsides • Masayuki Takayagi • Boiling water • Fungal tea • Jean-Claude Vandamme's sidekick in Bloodsport • Alpiner bonbons • Kougezan Koukiji • Anything with zombies • Waiting for public transportation • The love of a wife • The physics of yam & yeung • Shades of black • Smart people saying stupid things • Thangka painting • Femur hair ornaments • People who are turned inside out• Hikikomori-style cocooning • Scar tissues (all kinds) • Histories of the Prehistory • Refined primitivism • Medieval torture techniques • Art Brut • People with two different eye colours, not counting David Bowie • Invisible people • Imperial Jade tea • The Conet Project • Tuvan throat singing • Planning road trips • Himalayan brownies • Woolen garments • Talking in dialects • Shamanistic shampoo jingles • Forgotten pasts • Gérard Grisey • Halloween movie night specials • The rock eating madman down the block • The Residents • Hieroglyphics • All things ghastly • Seeing the Middle Path winding, far off in the distance • Made-up religion zealots • Free jazz • Bad English • Black bean sauce • Mathematics • Sashimi Togarashi • Secret of Mana • Oozing tattoo wounds • Freshly plastered walls • Small stringed instruments • Printing methods of yore • Printing methods of the far future • Arvo Pärt • The monastery rooftop cats • Snail mail • Having spare limbs severed • Keeping stacks of unread philosophy books unread • Puzzling maps of imaginary places • Exotic afflictions of the skin • Tampopo • Voyages through the insides of the human body • Sabu Orimo • The distant sound of lawn mowing • Vegan Mongolian cuisine • People with huge sideburns, not counting women • The Tze family (Lao, Chuang & Lieh) • Cherry blossom • Pictures of skulls • Making things work the wrong way • Crass • Giles Goatboy • Molten cheese (except gruyère) • Growing hair long • Luciano Cilio • Fei-Yue footwear (the next best thing to walking barefoot) • ZSNES • Faxed Head • Severe sleep deprivation • Playing music backwards • …

My opinion:

I personally love these type of graphics, they are very eye catching and grab your immediate attention. With the dynamic use of colours & gradients there illustrations are MARVELLOUS. Along with the use of curving shapes and objects blending and hiding throughout one another its like a visual sensation for eyes.


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  1. I like the list 'Anything with zombies'...
    An interesting mix of cultural backgrounds in this studio, and I agree that it is very attractive work.
    Good post, try linking the website at the end..