Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Decal....the word is short for decalcomania, from the decal craze of the late 1800s. The type of decals used in the past had to be dipped in water, applied to the surface and the backing slid off.
The modern decal is actually a transfer, just a sticker made from vinyl with an adhesive backing.
These stickers have been the vehicle for designs for decades, from hot rods, surfboards, to government cars and warning signs.

Rhema Graphics is a company that is situated at Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, and they supply surfboard manufacturers all over the world, with surfboard decals and tissues, car stickers, and dry transfer decals that are pressure sensitive for all watercraft.

Vinyl decals have made a notable impact upon graphics, that can be applied to walls, in a variety of styles.
These include abstract designs and whimsical figurative images, such as hares, in loud shirts, birds outside cages, typography, and even table lamps.
They have a wide choice of of images suitable for childrens rooms, such as animals, faeries, and even Mario Bros. Also available are wall decals in the form of fabric wall stickers made of adhesive textile, that can be removed, scrunched into balls, washed and re-applied to walls.
Decals come in different surfaces, such chalk board and white boards, thus adding a new dimension to their possible uses!
A company from the U.K., Hu2 design, have come up with yet a different take on their graphic images. These include a timeline of inventions, 20 cocktail recipes, a mouse hole with some laundry hanging out to dry, a range of back stories to the power point and light switch. In the lavatory, we can be greeted by someone in the cistern, and many reminders to wash our hands!
A popular use of the decal is to decorate the lap top in a personal and humorous way....

Even Banksy gets a removable version of his stencil art.......
...and a friendly reminder to care for our fellow graphic designers.


  1. Wow I love this idea. Love Decal! I want a design for my laptop too, bedroom and especially for the little man coming out of the loo - even better they are at Currumbin I'm going to check them out! Thanks Ian

  2. okay just realised not at Currumbin but now I think about it I've seen those designs at Elanora shopping centre. "My family" stickers also seem to be extremely popular plastered all over the back of car windscreens.

  3. ian you are the king of cool blogs! decal might be my new favourite thing... thanks :)

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