Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Melbourne company Make Believe was the principal communications agency dealing in strategy, branding, messaging, and online work for Adam Bandts winning campaign for the Greens in Melbourne. Together they did indeed, "Make History Melbourne" as Adam Bandt became the first Green to win a lower house seat in a general election. Make Believe also worked on the Australia wide Greens campaign.

Their principal aim was to show the Greens as a modern, progressive and accessible alternative to the increasingly homogenous political choices.

They began the task with research to identify the current audience perceptions of the Greens; especially among 'Green leaners' – those who would broadly be in support of the Greens, but may not be voting Green for any number of reasons.
They found that the primary barrier for this audience wasn't that they disagreed with the Greens policies or values – it was the misperception (conveniently reinforced by the other parties) that Greens voters "aren't people like me".
Make Believe assumed everyone knew about the Greens origins in protest and environmental politics, and strived to show people that they've become much, much more.
Their work for the Greens included Rebranding the party for the campaign with a new logo, making it feel more accessible.

Old Logo

New Logo

They also reeworked the website, greens.org.au, to tell the story of the Greens in a more compelling way, and invite people in to be part of it.

They developed all marketing and campaign collateral and Engaged in research and developed core messaging, providing advice and training on online/offline organising strategy to best build and engage the grassroots movement of Greens volunteers –esp. in Victoria and the Melbourne campaign.

They created more than 100 deliverables including national print and magazine advertising, an extensive outdoor billboard & poster campaign, social media, and television advertising etc

iphone cover.

According the "The Age" the effectiveness of the campaign had the Labour party worried.

"The Greens' branding of Mr Bandt seems to have already spooked Labor strategists. ''The advertisements Adam Bandt is distributing could be ads for condominiums and holiday packages. It is unbelievably wanky and showing all the signs of being successful,'' said one source."

Make Believe was founded last year by Lilian McCombs, Nick Moraitis and Jarra McGrath, who previously helped found campaigning organisation GetUp.
The agency’s clients are charities, non-profit organisations, and other social enterprises.


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