Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Havaianas & Adhema Batista

Havaianas footwear is something that nearly every Australian would have to own.

Being hailed the summer essential Havaianas have created a product that every Australian needs and loves to wear. They have been in Australia for 10 years now and have taken the humble flip flop to another level. A designer by the name of Adhema Batista designed one of Havaianas advertising campaigns.His use of colour and free flowing movement in his graphics are very distinctive and eye catching.

Batista a self taught digital artist and renowned for his colourful and illustrative style has earned him many advertising and design accolades. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and a number of international design books.

Adhemas Batista began selling colors at an early age. He was born in the south of Brazil in Sao Paulo City. Inspired by the vibrancy and color of his homeland, Adhemas got his hands on a computer at the age of fifteen during an office internship and proceeded to teach himself design and programming skills. Fascinated by the interactive realm, Adhemas worked with a number of local advertising and marketing agencies, and eventually opened his own web design agency with his brother when he was only 20 years old and helped to grow their agency to 20 employees in two years time.

As Adhemas began to explore his own design style and sought out new opportunities to take on larger projects, he was offered a position he could not refuse as Art Director at AlmapBBDO, one of Brazil’s most creative advertising agencies. During his time there, Adhemas would work on the project that would put his name on the map…the Havaianas website.

Given the open and creative nature of the client, Adhemas was given free reign to explore his vibrant and colorful style through concepts, designs and illustrations. When the site launched in 2005, it received worldwide exposure and resulted in a number of prestigious advertising and design awards. At the age of 25, Adhemas was sought after for his unique style and saw his career take off.

In 2006, Adhemas decided to move to the United States with his family in hopes of finding new opportunities to grow his career. Since then, Adhemas has spent time perfecting his craft while working with some of the best advertising agencies, design studios and interactive shops around the world. Always staying true to his colorful design and illustration style, Adhemas began to take on larger projects and was able to offer additional services in art direction, interactive, photography and even photo manipulation.


  1. i love his illustrations AMAZING!

  2. I agree with you Sambo these designs are really appealing his illustrations and designs are very fresh and uplifting.

  3. self-taught!!?! *seethes with jealousy*

  4. Very cool, I really like his stuff

  5. ahh, sweet sweet adobe illustrator.