Tuesday, August 17, 2010

COFFEE..... could we live without it?

Coffee .. this thing that nearly every person in the world drinks..why do we drink it? for the caffeine.. or because everyone else is doing it? there are many reasons behind why people are drinking up this billion dollar market.. but i say if you need it to start your day so be it, if you drink it because you wanna seem cool then do it.. if you need it for long nights of study then drink it!! I personally recommend no more than 2 cups of fresh espresso a day!

Some of my favourites

Allpress coffee

Allpress espresso has quite distinct packaging and there graphics are really nice to look at visually. There bean packets are dark like the beans themselves and on the sides of the packet have a floral pattern, something which is similar to a Florence Broadhurst pattern. They only distribute to quality and well known cafes to promote a high end product.


Superior coffee that comes from coffee nuts>> that's right Italians! short blacks anyone??

This coffee is very well known for its robust flavour and smoothness, check out one of there marketing campaigns below. Another visually appealing advert. Lavazza's logo is well known and very eye catching, the capital A in the logo makes it stand out from the crowd.

Vittoria coffee has a high standard and is well known worldwide for its taste. There marketing and packaging is set around the the colours of a gold (crema) like a coffee colour and black. Al Pacino recently did a commercial for Vittoria which is quite amazing considering Al Pacino doesn't endorse anything. The cafe that I work at uses Vittoria coffee and I love it.. but I'm not sure if thats because I work there and I'm made to love and endorse it or because I just love coffee. hmmm....

Not one of my favourites... everyone has taken to the coffee band wagon including McDonalds.. there is serious money to be made and that's what they are into. There packaging for takeaway cups is very recognisable, though this coffee is being pumped from a machine they certainly know how to get people to purchase.

Campos Coffee

This coffee company has superior coffee and knows how to market and sell themselves. There logo is a familiar coffee fern that can be made by the way you pour the milk. These guys source there own beans, roast them and sell them. There are no middle men with this company! They also have there own cafes around Australia. There coffee bags are plain black with a sticker of there logo, this is quite simple and which promotes in cost cuts, with no designs. There coffee is amazing quite strong and something you couldn't forget.


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